cropped-374996_488069344598165_1943632671_n.jpgIn light of the developing situation with coronavirus, Atlas is suspending the normal clinic operations. Please read the updates from the link below for guidance on previously booked appointments and how to continue care with telemedicine consultations and herbal formulas. 

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For anyone living in the greater Burlington community seeking to optimize their health in a natural, holistic way, Atlas Acupuncture offers a different perspective for seeing the body as a whole and integrated being. We provide care that empowers our patients to navigate their way to health.

Too often our health issues are treated as isolated symptoms. Acupuncture is an integrative medicine that looks at your body, mind, lifestyle and environment as a whole. It addresses underlying imbalances to enable long-lasting improvement. A successful treatment will leave you feeling renewed, more educated about your body, and in greater control of your health and wellbeing. 

Dr. Montana Burns, D.A.C.M., Dipl.OM., L.Ac.

Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

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  • 55 Howard Street
  • 802.660.9800

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